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Sign Installer Cited for Violating the Sign He Was Putting Up

Overtime parking ticket issued in Santa Barbara while man was about to screw in sign

Parking Ticket Issue

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A man installing a 75 minute parking time limit sign in Santa Barbara got a ticket for parking overtime during the project.

Dan Greding with Precision Sriping, says he was contracted to do the work on Victoria St. downtown between State St. and Chapala St. as part of a recently finished market and housing project.

He had already installed three other signs on the street and the final one took a little longer because he had to drill into concrete.

When he looked up, a Parking Enforcement Officer was writing a ticket for parking in excess of 75 minutes.

"I didn't know what to say. I was dumbfounded," said Greding. "I said 'but I 'm putting these signs up'  and he (the officer) says, 'then you should know you can't park here more than 75 minutes.'   I said, 'well I haven't put the sign up yet,  so you can't write me a ticket' and he said  'yea but the signs down there say - this block - so you're in violation."

Greding said he had the sign installed moments later.

"I guess my crime was not installing the signs in under 75 minutes," he said.

When the ticket was written, Greding said the concrete had just finished drying and the pole was in place.  All he had to do was tighten the screws.

He recalls the officer referring to the posted time limit on the other signs within the same block, and Greding said, "I just put those up 20 minutes ago!"

Greding said he probably was there about 15 minutes too long, but he needed his truck, and the equipment in the back, such as power tools,  to do the job.

He appealed the ticket, issued in February,  and lost.  He is asking for an administrative panel review, as his last chance.  To do so however, he has to pay the $48. fine up front.   A decision should come this month. Greding said he will update NewsChannel 3 with the ruling.

The street, has gone through upgrades in recent weeks that has included new parking signs, painted curbs to designate specific parking rules, and center of the street striping.   Greding also did that work.

He say the contractor urged him to hurry because he claims the city wanted the signs in place to make sure parking rules were enforced.

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