Santa Barbara- S County

Second Storm Surge was a Super Soaker

Violent winds, aggressive surf plow through the coast

Second Wave of Rain in Santa Barbara

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - After a night of howling winds and steady rain, there was a morning break, following by a storm surge with intense downpours.

The powerful storm with a mixed personality brought with it a surprise attack combined with a violent onslaught of driving rain, wind, and a path of damage.

Many shoppers downtown were caught off guard by the cloud burst.  Some ran for cover. Some jumped puddles to get across the street. And others fought to control their umbrellas.

A tree snapped into a house on the East side of Santa Barbara on Quinientos St. near Milpas.

A transformer blew on Alisos St. throwing homes and businesses into the dark.

On upper State St. a tree crashed into a parked car.

Near the entrance to Hope Ranch, a large Cypress tree was blown down by the high winds across a private driveway at a home where a resident has a medical condition.  Fire crews immediately pulled out chain saws to cut up the branches and make a clearing.  At the same time, several other calls were coming out, keeping the crews extremely busy.
You just try to prioritized the calls and this one took some priority," said Ryan DiGuilio with Santa Barbara City Fire. "We wanted to make sure the roadway was open in case that person needed some help."

Power lines were also impacted in the area when a large branch got entangled in wires and a transformer.
That knocked out the circuits to Hendry's Beach, and the boathouse restaurant.

Part of the roof of a building nearby was shredded, and never seen again.

One visitor from New York, Pam Tobias said the rain was not a big problem for her because conditions were rougher at home.
"I am visiting from New York City and right now it's about 20 degrees and snowing. Californians, you get some rain and you freak out, but they need the rain so everyone should be really happy," said Tobias.

One of the more spectacular sights has been the Santa Barbara waterfront with big waves crashing over the breakwater wall.  Signs were up warning pedestrians not to go into the area, but some people ignored the barriers and took their chances.

Stearns Wharf remained open, even when waves crashed hard against the pilings.

Nearby on East Beach, two boats came ashore, after breaking loose from their anchors in near shore waters.   At sunset they were bobbing in the surf and some damage could be seen by citizens gathering at the water's edge.

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