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SBCC Transforms Landscape to Conserve Water

SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning Landscape Complete Makeove

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - If you walk by Santa Barbara City College Center for Lifelong Learning, you might notice major changes to the landscape.  It's all the result of efforts to be more self sufficient when it comes to conserving water.

The college's goal is to reduce water use and commit to sustainability.

The project contains a small remodel of the Santa Ynez River and more native plants which will help with storm water management and create a more self sufficent landscape.

Grounds Maintenance Supervisor Mark Broomfield said they hope it will also set an example for homeowners and businesses up and down the coast during the drought, providing ways they could make their properties more conservation friendly.

"Definitely it's a bit of an investment up front," Broomfield said.  "But in terms of the overall maintenance and care of your property on the back end, in terms of water bill and actual maintenance on the actual site, it will be far lower for you in the end."

By doing this, Broomfield said the college will conserve 6,000 gallons of storm water in an average rainfall year.

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