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SB County Sups Decide Facilities Maintenance Initiative

Tuesday Board meeting will determine if proposal goes on June ballot.

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - Santa Barbara County Supervisors will decide the fate of a controversial initiative aimed at mandatory maintenance funding of county roads, parks, lands and buildings.

Supervisors can decide to tackle the problem themselves or let voters have a say in the June Primary election.

"It is an attempt to make my colleagues do their maintenance", says Santa Barbara County Fourth District Supervisor Peter Adam who is proposing the County Facilities Maintenance Initiative.

Adam says the measure aims to mandate the Board of Supervisors to secure annual funding of about $20 million to repair and maintain county roads, parks, buildings and lands.

"There is no tax in this measure", Supervisor Adam says, "this is simply telling the Board of Supervisors to do their maintenance with money we already give you."

"You can't let our assets decline any further". Adam adds, "you have to maintain the assets at or above their current condition."

Adam says the County has, for years, deferred spending money on maintenance creating an estimated $300 million dollar backlog and counting.

Included in that massive maintenance backlog are the buildings at the north County Betteravia Government Center.

Adam says most of the buildings in the Betteravia Government Center campus are more than 20 years old and have various maintenance needs including air ventilation improvements and roofing repairs.

Adam says his initiative does not declare where the money for annual maintenance will come from in the county budget but he supports selling county assets to fund the initiative.

County Supervisors will decide Tuesday at their regularly scheduled meeting in Santa Barbara whether to adopt the maintenance initiative as proposed or put it on the ballot in June at a cost of between $50,000-$130,000.


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