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Santa Maria Welcomes Fighter Jets

Santa Maria Airport Welcomes Fighter Jets

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The Santa Maria airport is seeing more and more fighter jets come train on their runway.

The navy men from  Lemoore brought in two F-18 jets  to the Santa Maria airport.

Navy Lt. Brennin Colegrove said "We can get a lot of training in the weekend when we go cross country."   

Colegrove said they're able to get a lot of training on weekends like this. The navy men fly once or twice a day at Lemoore but with training across the country they're able to get up to 6 training sessions in one weekend.

Ron Johnson, a director on the Santa Maria Museum of Flights Board of Directors, said "They do this for a complete training experience."

The Museum of Flights  hopes to get similar military planes  to its upcoming airshow.

Last year the airshow was cancelled.  Santa Maria Museum of Flight will be having an Air Show August 23-24.

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