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Santa Maria Teachers Say They're Struggling with Negotiations

District Plans to File an Impasse

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Teachers with the Santa Maria Joint Union High School district won't settle. Claire Moir, a spokesperson with the faculty association, said "They have not contributed one more penny to benefits in almost 10 years." Several others said the negotiations have been a struggle.

A request for better benefits is only a small part of negotiations with the district. These negotiations have been going on since March 2013. 

Moir said "Ever since the strike in the 1990s we have been able to work cooperatively with the district but we honestly don't feel that that is continuing."

Teachers with the faculty association say the district is taking programs away that takes away their voice and the back and forth battles don't seem to secede.

"They want to do completely do away with 'shared decision making.' Now they're changing it so we have a voice,but there is still no decision making power," said Moir.

District representatives said that isn't the case. Carl Lange, a negotiator with the district, said, "The old time/long time site decision making model should stay the same with minor additions."

Lange said they don't agree with the old decision making model,and they'd like the community to be involved with decisions.

Lange said the district will declare an impasse. Lange said,"Negotiations will come to an end when the state-appointed mediator helps the parties get to an agreement."

The district will file the impasse later this week.

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