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Santa Maria on Right Track to Conserve More Water During Drought


SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The numbers are in. Overall, for the month of March, the city of Santa Maria met and exceeded the water conservation requirements, with a total of 22 percent.

City officials say by law there is a 16 percent requirement for the state of California. They say this will help to add to the overall total of water conserved for the city and are hoping that residents get into regular habits that can help yield positive results.

New homeowner Jesse Zaragoza says, "I water less for sure, you know, I don't water as often as I used to."

He says he waters his lawn once or twice a week and only for a few minutes to help conserve water. He, like many residents in the state, were hoping the winter months would bring rain, "I was hoping for more El Nino I was hoping for more rain," he says.

Zaragoza is taking things a step further by also changing his backyard. "I'm considering a Santa Fe style yard, maybe Arizona, maybe rock, a lot more rock and less grass, but I do want to keep a little grass but not much because water conservation is important."

City officials say in the month of February numbers came back showing only a 6% effort in water conservation. They are hoping that as the rainy months come to an end that everyone will be more aware of their everyday habits to conserve water.

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