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Santa Maria Cinemas Attracting Moviegoers This Summer

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The Edward Theaters at the Town Center Mall in Santa Maria attracted people interested in the luxury experience, new releases and big screens this summer.

There are two Edwards Theaters in Santa Maria.

Amber Lease, with the Town Center Mall, said, "It's one of the four RPX theaters in the state of California, and that itself is driving a lot of attraction."

Lease said the mall happily welcomed the theater. She said it has helped attract more traffic for a mall struggling to fill some tenant spaces, and the theater could be changing that.

Lease said, "Our leasing department is very busy filtering out and doing negotiations."

While the mall is excited to see the benefit of the new theater some people in Santa Maria said they're waiting to see  the  blockbuster movies little later.

The Edwards Theater on the other side of town is now a discount theater, people are hearing about that through the grapevine.

The movie tickets at the discount theater are up to five months old, and charge $3.50 for a ticket all day every day.

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