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Santa Barbara's Gang Injunction Trial: Day Two

List of 11 Defendants Released by City Attorney

Santa Barbara's Gang Injunction Trial: Day Two

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The District Attorney's Office is expected to reveal the names and faces of the remaining defendants listed on the city's proposed gang injunction today in court.

NewsChannel 3 obtained the list of the remaining eleven defendants from the City Attorney's Office, which are categorized by their two rival neighborhoods or territories:

1.) Francisco Anaya aka "Kartoon"
2.) Edgar Cordova aka "Playboy"
3.) Augustine Cruz aka "Muneco" and "Felon"
4.) Pedro Garcia aka "Oso"
5.) Raymond Macias aka "Boxer"

6.) Christian Botello aka "Tweety"
7.) Marcial Garcia aka "Topo"
8.) Stacy Ibarra aka "Grumpy"
9.) Marcos Ramos aka "Sneaky"
10.) Miguel Garcia aka "Stimpy"
11.) Michael Rodriguez aka "Yogi"

Pedro Garcia appeared Monday outside the Santa Barbara County Courthouse during a pretrial public rally, organized by PODER, People Organized for the Defense & Equal Rights of SB Youth.

"People read my name and they think that they know who I am because of the gang injunction list," Garcia said while reading from a prepared statement. "I have been out of prison going on three years now and have had no police contact in any possible way."

Garcia said he is the father of two boys and is currently taking courses at Santa Barbara City College for a career in auto mechanics.

"People think because we have tattoos and committed those crimes while we were all under age, that we are still the same person we were back then," said Garcia. "But people grow up and mature. Everyone deserves a second chance. Why are we different?"

"If it's approved, we will continue to challenge it and appeal it through the federal courts," said Gabriela Hernandez, a member of PODER. "We already have secured funding from a donor willing to pay the appeal's process."

Attorneys for the defendants argue the injunction is a violation of the fourth amendment and the right to privacy.

Prosecutors maintain the defendants are recurring offenders who've committed numerous gang-related crimes and cycle in and out of jail or prison.

Sgt. David Henderson with the Santa Barbara Police Dept. is scheduled to be the first witness for the prosecution Tuesday morning.

There was no witness testimony Monday and the presiding judge banned cameras in court.

NewsChannel 3 will post photos of the eleven defendants once they are released from the City Attorney's Office.

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