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Santa Barbara woman will run 155 miles to raise money for charity

Vanessa Felts to run across China to help impoverished women

Santa Barbara woman to run across China desert for charity

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - It is an adventure of a lifetime and it will change the lives of dozens of women across the developing world. Santa Barbara resident Vanessa Felts is running a 155 ultra marathon through China to raise money for women fighting to overcome extreme poverty.

On June second Felts will participate in the Gobi March, a 250 kilometer race across the Gobi Desert in China. Her goal is to raise $150 per kilometer, to a total of $37,500 that will be used to fund microfinance loans to empower women around the globe.

For more information about this journey and how you can help Felts' cause, please visit the websites <> and

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