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Santa Barbara Toy Company and Game Seeker Donating to Local Schools

Receipts will add up from students, parents, staff and neighbors

Toy Store Donations Will Help Schools

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Buying a Monopoly game, a model rocket, or a retro bike bell will all ring up some donations for local schools if you take part in a new fundraiser by the Santa Barbara Toy Companyb and Game Seeker.

They are located steps apart from each other in the 500 block of State Street in the Santa Barbara Hotel building.

Owner Lisa Gerr says five percent of purchases by customers will go to local schools.  The schools receiving the funds will be chosen by those making the purchases. All they have to do is present their receipts and tell the store what school they are backing. The fundraiser is open to the public, not just those associated with a specific school.

Gerr says there are many educational, family and social benefits to games and toys.  Her businesses have both traditional and modern selections.   That includes something as retro as a  jack in the box on a shelf next to a beginning  musical product, board games, crafts, science creations, and mind twisters.

Local Parent Teachers Associations have been working with the stores to get the word out about the fundraiser.  The PTA will be actively involved in the coordination of the fund distribution on the campuses.

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