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Santa Barbara serial rape case pushed back

Santa Barbara serial rape case pushed back

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Jerry Bonhomme, the man charged with raping four different women appeared in Santa Barbara court Friday morning.

His case is in the settlement stage, but Judge Frank Ochoa granted his attorney's request to continue talks at a later date.

Police say the 30-year-old targeted women who were drunk at parties or bars and offered to take them home.

However, instead of driving them to their house, he would bring them back to his home, on the 3000 block of Paseo Tranquillo in Santa Barbara.

That's where they were allegedly assaulted. The alleged crimes date back as far as 2009. Bonhomme's attorney tells NewsChannel 3, he believes the four victims should not be grouped together.

He says three of them were friends of Bonhomme's, some were intimate with him, and had social contact with him after the alleged rapes.

Of course that decision is up to a judge. Bonhomme has pleaded not guilty to all charges and remains locked up at the Santa Barbara County Jail.

He is expected back in court June 28.

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