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Santa Barbara Residents Did Not Conserve Water In May

City Council Could Approve New Higher Water Rates Next Week Increasing Bills

Santa Barbara Residents Didn't Conserve Water

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - During this exceptional drought Californians are being asked to make big cutbacks on the amount of water they use. But apparently in Santa Barbara, no one is listening.

New figures just out this week show residents conserved no water in May.

The new numbers are a big deal because the city of Santa Barbara is asking for a 20 percent water reduction.

The City Council could approve higher water rates next week, which will increase water bills starting in July.

In April the city conserved 12 percent, which is still well below the mandatory reduction percentage.

"It is frustrating. I feel like we've saturated the discussion out there. I feel like I'm seen a lot of homeowners out there responding. I'm sure exactly why the water usage is still so high," said Joshua Haggmark, the acting water resources manager.

Santa Barbara is offering free water checkups to residents. The water department will send someone to homes to find out ways to help conserve water inside and outside.

For more information on the Water Check-Up program, click here.

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