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Santa Barbara Mission Project Reveals a Restored Look

Fresh coat of paint, stonework repairs finished on the facade, but more to come

Mission Scaffolding Off

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The first phase of a $1.3 million project to restore worn out areas of the Santa Barbara Mission has finished.  A colorful facade has been revealed.

It's very similar to the look citizens saw during a major restoration back in 1953.

Special care was taken to strengthen the stone work at the front of the mission where some sections had started to crumble, and other areas actually fell off.

The funding came from donations and  special financing on a national level called the Save America's Treasures Grant.

Museum Director and Cultural Resources Manager Kristina Foss says each paint color used has a special name. The tan is Lute Maker, the red is Henna, a yellow-cream is called Orthodox, the gray is Mission Gray, and the tan-pink tone is called Plank.

Special preservation sealants were also applied.

Loose stones were also re-anchored on the east tower.

The scaffolding that had been up since late last year, came down today.  It was up during the Christmas holiday season, the first time the entire front of the mission was obstructed in 60 years.

More work is also going to take place in the coming months including, efforts to reduce water seepage into the sandstone, which has caused noticeable deterioration on some of the pillars.

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