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Santa Barbara Far Exceeds Water Conservation Goal For Month Of May

'37 Percent Conservation ... Outstanding!'

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - If you live in the city of Santa Barbara and cut back on the amount of water you normally use, give yourself a big pat on the back.

City officials are really impressed with conservation numbers just out for the month of May.

"We saw 37 percent conservation from the community," said Joshua Haggmark, Water Resources Manager for the city of Santa Barbara.  "It's outstanding! Our goal is 25 percent but what its done is brought our year total, starting in July of last year, brought us up to 24 percent. So, we're literally 1 percent away from our conservation goal, which is fantastic," Haggmark said.

Haggmark credits a combination of committed residents in the community and cooler May Gray weather conditions.

Folks like Betty and Stan Hatch are doing their part; they've cut back their water use by 30 percent.

"All the grass on one side of the house is completely gone," said Betty Hatch. "In its place are beautiful succulents and a gorgeous path and it's just beautiful and we sit out there every day."

Haggmark said current numbers are right where the city wants them, but questioned how much water Santa Barbarans will be able to save as we head into summer.

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