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Santa Barbara County residents tired of cleaning up after vandals

4 sets of graffiti found on Hollister Avenue

Santa Barbara County residents tired of cleaning up after vandals

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - Longtime residents in an unincorporated area of Santa Barbara County spent their Wednesday morning painting over graffiti left behind by vandals. 

Four different sets of graffiti appeared on a wall separating private residences from Hollister Avenue early Tuesday morning. This is not the first time they've had to deal with graffiti.

“I feel shocked that anything like that would happen in this neighborhood or any neighborhood because the pictures are vulgar and ugly. It makes the community look like that," said Raye Eby, a longtime resident. 

Each time this happens, the residents are the ones who bring out paint cans and brushes to paint over the tagging. The wall has been painted in so many colors and many residents have lost count how many times they've had to clean the area up. 

“I feel violated when my property is damaged like that," said Jacquie Volpi, Eby's friend and longtime Santa Barbara County resident. 

Volpi lives near the damaged wall. She says she joined a group of neighbors who went out to look at the vandalism early Tuesday morning. 

“It represents everybody. I didn’t just feel sorry for us yesterday. I felt bad for everybody who lives in this track.”

The neighborhood is on high alert. They want to catch the vandals and say they will report it to law enforcement if they see anyone suspicious. 

A public engagement specialist at County of Santa Barbara Public Works Department tells us even though the wall is in between private and public property, it's up to the residents to clean up the graffiti because it's considered a "subdivision." However, there are instances where county employees will clean up items in the public right of way. 

Residents are urged to report graffiti to law enforcement so they can take photos and file a report on the vandalism. 

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