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Santa Barbara City College Smoking Ban Sends Students to Nearby Neighborhood

Makeshift site emerges just off campus

Santa Barbara City College Smoking Ban

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The new smoking ban at Santa Barbara City College has sent some students just off campus where they are lighting up.

An area that was littered with cigarette butts now has a small can marked for the smokers.  The makeshift site is on Del Mar Ave. where a campus walkway goes into a nearby neighborhood.

Many students gather there during school hours.   On campus, the smokers have been warned of the new rule by campus police officers. 

Signs are posted throughout the campus. 

One student, Journey Coward called the site, "very random and decently pleasant."

He also said the new smoking ban on campus was not impacting his habit and he will continue to smoke, just not on the school grounds.

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