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Sand Clogged Santa Barbara Harbor Will be Dredged Soon

Some large boats, however will be stuck for a few more days

Santa Barbara Harbor Dredging

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Clogged by sand, the entrance to the Santa Barbara Harbor can only be used by some  boats at high tide. Work to fully open the harbor is underway.

The Harbor Patrol has been escorting vessels through a narrow passage surrounded by a big mound of sand that filled the harbor entrance in the weekend storm.

Dredging operations are set to begin later this week.

In the meantime, crews are working long hours to lay the pipes and connect the system.

Once that is done, the dredge will begin digging through the sand and sending it down the coast where it will replenish beaches that were wiped out in the violent storm.

For some of the large boat owners, this means they are waiting for the work to be done.  At times the harbor entrance is down to two feet in depth and it is too dangerous to go in and out.

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