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San Marcos HS Students Witness Staged DUI Accident

'Every 15 Minutes' Program Shows Dangers Of Drinking And Driving

San Marcos HS Students Witness Staged DUI Accident

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Every fifteen minutes someone dies in a drunk driving accident. That's why the agencies of Santa Barbara County came together to put on the Every 15 Minutes program.

Seniors and juniors at San Marcos High School witnessed a DUI crash Tuesday morning. Thankfully this accident was staged and those injured only acting. But the gruesome and seemingly real scene is meant to be a reminder to teens that drinking and driving is a deadly decision.

Classmates watched as firefighters, police officers, paramedics and other emergency personnel responded to the staged crash. Student actors played the roles of DUI driver, victim and even death as the Grim Reaper walked along the accident.

The Every 15 Minutes program takes place every two years at San Marcos, always reminding students of the dangers of drinking and driving.  

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