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Samy's Thieves Caught on a Camera, but Escape Arrest

Shots released from tricky shoplifters

Samy's Camera iPad Theft

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - If you are going to take something from a camera store without paying, you should expect to have your picture taken.

Samy's camera says two thieves were able to work together to get an I-pad without getting spotted, at the time.  But they were right below a surveillance camera when it took place last Friday.

One suspect cut a small wire and that actually set off an alarm, but the plug was still in the I-pad and it it looked like a false alarm.  While the employees were dealing with that issue, and resetting the alarm, a few minutes later another person, believed to be working in tandem on the theft, grabbed the I-pad and stuffed it under his shirt.

In moments they were both gone, together out the door.

Police have been notified and given copies of the images.

Samy's is in a new location this month, on State St. near Cota.

A sign as you enter tells you,  surveillance cameras are on.

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