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Sample Ballots are in the Mail for the June Primary

Election is more than a month away, but voters are getting set

Sample Ballots

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Sample ballots for the June primary have gone in the mail, and voters can now begin deciding on candidates and measures.

At the main Santa Barbara post office, some registered voters said they had a lot of studying to do on the choices, but they would definitely be voting either by mail or in person.

Election day is June 3.

"I think the sample ballots don't do as much for me until the actual day comes around," said voter Mike Brelje.

The  weeks leading up to the election will help Christine Simms as well. She says, "I don't have my mind made up, but I am close. I am definitely going to vote. I always do."

When it comes to having a say about government, Rhonda Hardine thinks, unless you vote, your opinions should be tempered.  "Those are the ones that talk the most and those are the  ones with the most opinions," she said. "And  if they don't vote, you shouldn't have a say."

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