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Safety Plans Made for Halloween in Isla Vista

Community leaders hope to control chaos

Safety Plans Made for Halloween in Isla Vista

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - As students planned their costumes, community leaders met with neighbors in Goleta to prepare for another Halloween.

Halloween Isla Vista-style usually attracts 20,000 costume-clad pedestrians in Isla Vista.

Residents are allowed to post no-parking signs to protect their proterty.

Goleta and Isla Vista Foot Patrol officers will be out in force ticketing, too.

Plans are also underway to flood the streets with light.  New LED lights will be turned on throughout the most populated party areas.

UCSB leaders said they can't legally fence off the bluffs, but there are signs to warn people about the deadly drops.

Students said they try to stay at one party and people-watch.  They've seen accidents and people get ticketed for public intoxication.

Officers said there will be zero tolerance for that next week.

Since Halloween falls on a Thursday, students predict Friday and Saturday will be the biggest party nights.

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