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Roundbout Giving Drivers in the Santa Ynez Valley a New Way Around

Not quite finished but the circle of cars is rolling along

Santa Ynez Roundabout

SANTA YNEZ, Calif. - An intersection that's become very busy because of its location near wine country and the Chumash Casino is now expected to be much safer.  The final phases of work on the roundabout in the Santa Ynez Valley are taking place.

Thousands of cars a day use the route that brings Highway 154, Highway 246 and Armour Ranch road together.

Stops signs are gone and a traffic roundabout is in.    CalTrans is still working on striping, landscaping and other finishing touches to the project.  Drivers in the last few days have been able to get their first go-round but some have not quite figured it all out.

"They just went through the windy road (San Marcos Pass) and I  have seen several people pull over to the side of the road to figure out where they are. Also they have gone through the roundabout, going past where they wanted to be, and they are pulling off on the side of the road trying to figure out how to go back," said Ray Warren a local resident.

Bill Douds a longtime valley resident says everyone should take it easy.  "I don't think they will force it,  but it will take them awhile to get used to it. So they are going to go slow."

For Eva Davis, the roundabout is not a problem. "I have lived in Florida and they have roundabouts everywhere there. So I am definitely used to those."

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