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Retired worker files suit against county and union

Worker represented by Right to Work Foundation lawyers

Retired worker files suit against county and union

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - With the help of free legal aid offered by the National Right to Work Foundation, Rosemary Banko filed a suit against Santa Barbara County and the Service Employees International Union.

The National Right to Work Foundation president Mark Mix said she is a Solvang woman who retired from a clerical job at the county fire department in July. Mix said the county took union dues from her pay even though she had chosen not to be a member.  Then, Mix said Local 620 failed to give her a breakdown of union expenditures.

SEIU attorney Ira Gottlieb had not yet heard about the case, but said he was not surprised she was being presented by Right to Work attorneys. Gottlieb said employees in Right to Work states have lower wages and fewer benefits. 

California is not a Right to Work state.

In the lawsuit, Banko is seeking all of the dues she paid, plus interest.

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