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Residents spending big bucks to celebrate the United States' birthday

Families spending big bucks to...

GOLETA, Calif. - People love an excuse to party and America's birthday is no exception. 

Research from Wallethub shows, people aren't afraid to shell out the bucks to celebrate Fourth of July. According to the personal finance website, Americans will spend more than $7 billion this Independence Day. People will spend $388 million on hamburger patties, $389 million on barbeque chicken. 

Reporter Vicky Nguyen went out to Goleta Beach to see how much people are spending and if it's worth it. The Cruz Family from Santa Barbara says they spent about $100 to reserve a picnic table spot, but didn't spend much more on other items. 

“We bring hot dogs. We bring meat. We bring corns. We bring everything and we have a a lot of stuff on the table already and some of the guys already eat and we’re just waiting for the fireworks," said Jose P. Cruz, of Santa Barbara. 

Turns out, beer companies are raking in big bucks too. Fourth of July is the country's top beer-drinking holiday with more than $1 billion dollars spent on cold brews. 

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