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Residents Confused Over County's Parking Plan for Mission Canyon

Two years of meetings later and the end of the road is months away

Mission Canyon Parking Folo

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Santa Barbara County has tried to smooth out a parking plan in Mission Canyon, but after two years of meetings, some residents say they just heard of it.  They also say, some of their street parking may be gone soon.

One of the driving issues, is safety.   At times,  the tight streets have  many cars and to get through is challenging.  The county wants to make sure evacuation routes are clear.

"We have had 48 meetings," said Supervisor Salud Carbajal. "This has been a year and a half effort, two years actually."

But resident Roseanne Crawford said outside the meeting room, "we knew nothing of this. It was way internal in the deep body of the document."   She felt like many residents were let down by the county.

The Mission Canyon Association said despite the confusion, the final plans have yet to be worked out and more community input would be part of the process going forward. The Association said all residents could provide their input.

In the dispute was a report that 234 parking spaces, or 62 percent of the street parking would be removed.  Supervisor Carbajal was unclear how that number was reached by the residents.

"I was surprised one of the supervisors,  I don't recall who made the comment,    didn't know where we got the figures.  That 234 spaces would be removed from the Mission Canyon on 12 streets.  Well I got it right off the Long Range Santa Barbara County (website.)," said Crawford. She produced the document she was referring to, and that was sent to many residents.

The county has spent about $745,000 on the overall Mission Canyon Community plan, so far.  The staff time has been estimated at 11,000 hours.

Mission Canyon is a densely populated area that found itself in the eye of the Jesusita brushfire in 2009, resulting in the loss of many homes.

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