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Reporting Water Waste

Residents are More Water Conservative

Residents More Aware of Water Waste

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - If it's anything that some of our viewers don't like after seeing so much drought news, it's seeing water being wasted.

One viewer in Santa Maria says she noticed a sprinkler broke around 8 p.m. on Tuesday evening. 

When she woke up on Wednesday, it was still running, and creating a huge puddle down the street.

She called the city and the city transferred her to a voicemail.

Upset, she and her husband called News Channel 3.

The city says their policy is to send someone out to a call right away to stop the leak.

And if the leak is on private property, city staff contacts the property owner.

They don't know how the resident's call got misrouted, but they thank callers who report water being wasted.

They ask anyone who spots wasted water to call their utilities department if it's during business hours.

If it's during after hours or the weekend, you can call your police department's non-emergency dispatch line.

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