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Report breaks down child care costs in California

Santa Barbara ranks among most expensive counties

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -  A new report by Data Tracker breaks down child care costs in California. Eight counties rank at the top, including Santa Barbara.

The multi-colored map included in the report breaks down the numbers and depicts the counties where families pay more than $15,000 dollars a year on child care. 

"That's shocking! I don't know how anybody can afford that," said Alisa Rollon, a visitor from Long Beach. "Especially if you're a single parent, that's insanity!"

Families in the least expensive counties paid less than $12,000 a year on children.

The report reveals the median income of California families with children is about $64,000 dollars. That means more than 20 percent of a typical family's income goes to child care -- for one child.

Rollon has three children.

"I have the luxury of staying home, for now, with my littles one," Rollon said. "But it's rough. We struggle but we make do because childcare is so expensive. It just kind of evens out. It's better if I stay home."

Ironically, areas where the cost of living is cheaper than Santa Barbara, for example, Tulare County, see a larger percent of a family's income go toward childcare. The map reflects more than 30 percent.

Some locals told NewsChannel 3 that they beat those high costs by keeping childcare in the family.

"This is my granddaughter," said Laura Standen. "I watch her three days a week and my daughter pays me to watch her."

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