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Remaining Defendants Revealed in Gang Injunction Trial

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - NewsChannel 3 has obtained photos of the eleven defendants at the center of Santa Barbara's gang injunction trial.      

Initially, thirty residents -- including this group -- were on the city's list.

Police and prosecutors with the district attorney's office deemed them as "the baddest of the bad."

City officials say a number of those originally named are no longer on the list because they were either incarcerated or deported.

Police have used a tracking system over the years, to plot gang-related crimes on the westside and eastside -- their rival turfs -- and throughout Santa Barbara.

The list of the remaining eleven defendants are categorized by their two rival neighborhoods or territories:

1.) Francisco Anaya aka "Kartoon"
2.) Edgar Cordova aka "Playboy"
3.) Augustine Cruz aka "Muneco" and "Felon"
4.) Pedro Garcia aka "Oso"
5.) Raymond Macias aka "Boxer"

6.) Christian Botello aka "Tweety"
7.) Marcial Garcia aka "Topo"
8.) Stacy Ibarra aka "Grumpy"
9.) Marcos Ramos aka "Sneaky"
10.) Miguel Garcia aka "Stimpy"
11.) Michael Rodriguez aka "Yogi"

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