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Recreational marijuana continues to be controversial in Solvang

Solvang City Council votes in favor of recreational marijuana ban

SOLVANG, Calif. - UPDATE: The City of Solvang is not banning recreational marijuana.

Lisa Martin, City Clerk, emailed NewsChannel 3 saying that the City's ordinance allows the use of marijuana in accordance with State law. 

"What we prohibit is commercial cannabis activities and sales including marijuana dispensaries, outdoor cultivation ... testing or manufacture of marijuana products," said Martin. 

The ordinance reads:

Nothing in this Chapter is intended to prohibit individuals 21 years of age or older to possess, transport, purchase, obtain, use, manufacture, or give away marijuana accessories to persons 21 years of age or older without compensation, as set forth at Health and Safety Code Section 11362.1(a)(5).

If passed, the ordinance would allow indoor cultivation up to 6 marijuana plants for personal use in accordance with State law, adult use of recreational marijuana in accordance with State Law, and delivery and use of medical marijuana.

Martin says the ordinance requires a second reading and will not go into effect until 30 days after the second reading.

The Solvang City Council is one reading away from adopting an ordinance that will ban recreational marijuana.

Mayor Jim Richardson said he thinks the ban will protect Solvang's internationally recognized brand. "We are known as a Danish community with Danish characteristics and marijuana in my mind doesn't fit that mold, " said Richardson. 

Richardson said he has tried marijuana and didn't like it. He said people who wish to smoke it recreationally would be able to find it in Buellton and Lompoc.

The mayor said the ordinance favored by the majority of the councilmembers is similar to a Santa Maria ordinance.

The city has a temporary ban on all kinds of marijuana that will expire this summer.

Some council members have said they are open to discussing medicinal marijuana in the future.

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