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Recent storms bring relief to local farmers

Farmer: "this water is heaven sent"

Recent storms bring relief to local farmers

GOLETA, Calif. - While a rainy day might be something that puts a half to plans, it's a blessing for farmers. 

Santa Barbara Farmers Market in Goleta brought many people out to look at and purchased homegrown and locally made goods. 

Paul Warkentin from Vista Del Mundo Farms in Santa Barbara calls the recent rains "heaven sent" since he and his family entered the farming business at the height of the California drought. 

"It's been weird. We jumped into farming without much of a background and jumped into this crazy drought so it's been a challenge, but things are growing and things are growing well," said Warkentin. 

He depended on underground basins, but the rain have kept the ground saturated enough for him to not have to water his farm. 

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