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Recent Rains Fail to Soak Drought Declaration

Rainl good for agriculture but not for domestic water supplies.

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The rain has been a sight for dry eyes on the Central Coast.

The string of recent rains is helping ease the harshest impacts of the drought for farmers and ranchers.

"We're getting a relatively wet March and April", says Rick Sweet, Utilities Director for the City of Santa Maria, "but we started out extremely far behind, March wasn't really that wet, April is looking to be a little wetter than normal but we're so far behind at this point that its unlikely that its going to make a major change on our water supply for this year."

Sweet is among Central Coast municipal, county and special district water managers keeping close watch on the recent rainfall locally and across the state.

"They are still at 31 percent of snow pack so its still pretty low for water supply", Sweet says, "we're still looking at one of the ten driest years on record so it's a really dry year."

Sweet says it could continue to rain off an on over the next few weeks but it won't be enough to change the historic decision by State Water managers to halt water deliveries to its customers for the first time ever.

"They are still saying there will be no allocation from the State Water Project", Sweet says, "we keep looking at the numbers that might change, we're hoping for a ten percent allocation but the state is still telling us its going to be a zero percent allocation."

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