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Reactions Come from Fans and Many Others to Sterling Sanctions

Angry feedback with the message 'no room for racism' in the NBA or elsewhere

Sterling Scandal Local Reaction

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Reaction to the racist remarks linked to L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling is coming from many directions, not just sports fans.

"To say really disparaging comments about a race that is what his team is made of, it's unbelievable," said Patrick Cavanaugh.

Many people are aware of the comments, and Sterling's lifetime ban by the NBA Commissioner Alan Silver.   They felt the actions were investigated and the penalty was swift.

"It doesn't matter what sport.  There is no room for racism in America," said Alan Rehling outside of a State St. coffee shop in Santa Barbara.

When it comes to supporting the players, fans say the crowds should still keep coming, especially during the playoffs.  "Because they want to show them they have faith in the same time they don't want sterling to still  make the profit...but they will be there for the team" said Elvedin Tudzinovic.

Support for the players who have had a successful seasons was framed this way by Bill Buescher, "they're doing a job. They are entertaining a cit. They are entertaining a whole country and we need entertainment, despite a bigot. The funny thing about it, is Sterling has been a bigot his whole life. It's unfortunate it's taken this long for it to come out."

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