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Rain Barrel System Catches Hundreds of Gallons of Free Water

Goleta resident gets the idea from a NewsChannel 3 report

Goleta Man Saves Rain Water with Trash Barrel System

GOLETA, Calif. - While the coastline was getting drenched from a storm a week ago, one Goleta resident welcomed the downpour. He also saved as much as he could.

Using a simple system with six trash barrels and hose kits, John Dickson collected over 190 gallons of water.

He saw the idea in a story we aired recently on NewsChannel 3 about pre-made and home made rain barrels.

"All the first parts I bought,  were at the Home Improvement Center based on that story, and I took it from there," said Dickson in front of several barrels of rain water he collected.

He plans to water by hand instead of attaching a hose.

His new garden will have strawberries, tomatoes, and peppers.   His new trees includes apples, lemons, limes and a mango.  Dickson is also trying blueberries.

"Each one takes about three gallons a week and I have ten trees. So that's one barrel a week. ( Each barrel is 32 gallons.)  I currently have six," said Dickson.  "I am going to set up a system of 12 barrels.  After a rain storm which normally supplies water for  a week or two at best, now it will last all summer."

The system diverts water from his down spout. The six barrels were filled in about three hours, during the last storm.

"Once the barrels are  full  it stops taking water and the water continues down the gutter," he said.

Dickson chose to go with the medium sized barrels, instead of a large tank.

"I found a kit, made by Fiskars, it's a barrel connector kit and it allowed me to connect all the barrels I wanted," said Dickson.

With the parts and barrels, his system which he will use over and over, cost about $120 dollars.

It will help to save the dwindling Cachuma Lake water during the  drought.
"It's not to save money, it's to keep Lake Cachuma from becoming  puddle Cachuma!" said Dickson.

When all 12 barrels are hooked up and filled, he plans to have around 400 gallons of water.

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