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Race director speaks out after Santa Barbara Veteran's Day Half-Marathon debacle

Director hopes to give refunds

Veterans Day Race director speaks out

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The race director of the 2017 Santa Barbara Veteran's Day Half Marathon is apologizing to all of the runners who never got to race on Saturday.

Nearly 500 people signed up for the 13.1-mile race.

"What I had intended was for the runners to come here, have a beautiful day as always. To start and have a great race along the ocean and the finish with their families and their loved ones," said race director June Snow.

Santa Barbara Police said there were not enough volunteers to help manage the race, so they shut it down.

"We rely on the race organizer to work with us in partnership to ensure the safety of the race course. When the race organizer was not able to hold of their part of the bargain, we, unfortunately, had to cancel the event," said public information officer Anthony Wagner.

Snow said mismanagement of the race is her fault.

"The last piece was getting the volunteers situated, and that never clicked properly. I feel really terrible about it," she said.

Many runners are demanding refunds. Snow said she cannot make that guarantee right now.

"I am currently working on that, addressing it as best I can right now," she said. "I don't know all the details, but I've heard it's a 30-day process. I'm trying to fix, correct that."

The race has a history of trouble. In 2015, the full marathon was canceled at the last minute.

In 2016, there were multiple complaints about lack of water stations and medals at the finish line.

Snow said she co-founded the race with now estranged husband Rusty Snow in 2009, but said she left the company from 2013 to 2016.

Snow said she is not responsible for the mishaps during her time away from the event.

As for this year, when asked how much money she owed runners and vendors, Snow only said, "I have an idea. It's a good amount."

When asked how the money was spent, Snow replied, "Most of the entry fees I got went directly into the event. The rest into running the company, storage, phone, copies and supplies."

Snow said she's not sure if she'll ever try to put on the half-marathon again. "I don't know, probably yes," she said. "I haven't thought it through," she said.

Snow said people with questions or concerns can email her at

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