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Proposed Gang Injunction Heads to Santa Barbara Superior Court Monday

Opponents continue to rally against the plan

Santa Barbara Gang Injunction Folo

SANTA BARBARA, Calif - The proposed Santa Barbara gang injunction heads to Superior Court Monday.

The original list is now much shorter.

The list of 30 names, the city called the worst offenders, has been reduced to 11.

If the injunction goes through, it will restrict the activities those named can take part in and also ban them from associating with each other.

Opponents of the proposed injunction rallied this morning in front of the Santa Barbara Police station. Some said it would lead to profiling by officers when they came upon certain residents.

The city says the people named have been recurring criminals, that have spent time in jail and continue to seriously violate laws on the streets.

Recently the Santa Barbara City Council took up the issue with a public meeting.  Councilmembers Cathy Murrillo and Gregg Hart led that discussion.  The session ended with the council voting not to block the process, and instead allowing it to head to a Superior Court Judge.

That hearing will take place Monday morning at 10 a.m.

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