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Preserving Lompoc's Murals

Lompoc Mural Society Seeks Artists to Restore City Murals

Preserving Lompoc's Murals

LOMPOC, Calif. - Lompoc is searching for artists to restore some of their beautiful murals.

Their mural project was started in the late 80's to bring back life to Lompoc's Old Town area.

Today there are over 30 of them which tourists come from all over to see.

Some of the murals, especially those that are exposed to a lot of sunlight, are peeling.

Though Lompoc is planning more murals, they say preserving the ones they have is more important.

Three or four artists have already told the Lompoc Mural Society they're interested in helping.

The deadline to apply is March 21.

Click here and contact Vicki Andersen to learn more.

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