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Marijuana users celebrate 4/20 at private cannabis event in Goleta

Organizer: "The plant brings people together"

Pot smokers celebrate 4/20 at private...

GOLETA, Calif. - April 20th is the most glorified day of the year for marijuana users. Now that it's legal, many Californians are celebrating 4/20 with parties and festivals. 

Victor Trujillo, a Santa Barbara resident, hosted "420 x 805" private cannabis event at the Butler Event Center in Goleta on Thursday. The event started at 12:00 p.m. and ended at 6:00 p.m.

Everyone who walks into the event center was carded by a security guard. Only medical marijuana license holders were given entry. 

Attendees smoked marijuana while they socialized, listened to music and entered a raffle. 

“That’s the thing about a plant. You know the plant is green. It’s purple. It comes from Earth, you know. No one judges anything. The plant brings people together through medicine, through good vibes. Over here it’s a big family," said Victor Trujillo, event organizer. 

Trujillo said he created Thursday's event to continue the conversation about the benefits of marijuana, and to discuss his hemp-home building project through a business he created two months ago called "Casa de Todos."

"Hemp homes will be fire resistant, mold resistant, and a natural insect repellant," said Trujillo who hopes to build this hemp-made living quarters in 30-60 months. He said these homes will be environmentally friendly.

Trujillo also hopes to create farms across the country and create his own TV show. He wants to hire veterans to work on the farms where they'll grow hemp and fruits. Trujillo and his business partner believe they'll be able to "save" veterans who are going through tough times, by giving them a meaningful job. 

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