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Post-Deltopia: What's Ahead For Events In Isla Vista?

The Future of Isla Vista Events, after Deltopia Riot

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Saturday marks the one week anniversary of the Deltopia riot. The question now: what's ahead for large events in Isla Vista?

We bring you two perspectives -- one from a longtime sheriff's official, the other from a head of the student body at UCSB.

Lt. Ugo "Butch" Arnoldi, Chief of Police, City of Goleta, will mark his 40th year with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office this summer. He says last weekend's riot was among the lows during his career, next to the riots of 1970.

Alex Moore is a UCSB senior and the vice president of the Associated Students.

Both men would like to see a mostly local flare to future events in Isla Vista. Arnoldi harkens back 30 years ago, when UCSB's engineering school reigned supreme.

"These guys and gals would develop floats with lights and other stuff and go up and down the street," Arnoldi said. "There were no fights, no issues. Let's go back to that."

"How about we focus on more high quality local events, using local artists, a local culture, local scene to promote a sense of community," said Moore. "Make Isla Vista feel like more than just a glorified dormatory."

Both Moore and Arnoldi would like to see town hall forums and input from throughout the community -- including students at both UCSB and SBCC, county officials, law enforcement, Chancellor Henry Yang -- and a look to other college towns to see what's working for them.

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