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"Portraits of Addiction and Hope" Art Exhibit

"Portraits of Addiction and Hope"

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - There's a unique and powerful art exhibit currently on display in Santa Barbara highlighting the issues of addiction and recovery.  It's all the work of teen artists through a non-profit called "Safe Launch."

"Portraits of Addiction and Hope" is an introspective and deeply moving exhibit created by 21 students and 29 people in recovery. The teen artists had the opportunity to meet local men and women in recovery to hear their struggles with addiction.  The ultimate mission of Safe Launch is to have teens pass this message onto their peers.

Ron Cuff says, "We want this message to go from one teenager to maybe another younger teenager to maybe a ten year old because the average age of exposure to addictive substance is now 12."

"Portraits of Addiction and Hope" will be on display at TV Santa Barbara's Community Media Center at 329 South Salinas Street through the end of March.

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