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Popularity of hybrid cars revving up in Santa Barbara

One of the top areas for sales

Green Cars

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Santa Barbara has accelerated its position to number four in the nation for hybrid car sales.

The latest survey of sales lists Eugene, Monterey, and San Francisco above Santa Barbara as the most popular cities for hybrid sales.

Some drivers like Jarrett Gorin have been driving a hybrid Toyota Prius since 2007.

"I go get gas maybe twice a month. It's a great little car. It's a little dorky but I like it," said Gorin.

Fill ups are very infrequent for drivers of hybrid cars.

Most say they are using about $30. worth of gas every two weeks.

The Community Environmental Council has been educating the public on green cars for years.  Each April during the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival there's a block of cars on display including some of the newest models coming off the production line.

"What's exciting is now we are seeing people moving to pure electric cars or plug-in hybrids," said Micheael Chiacos with the CEC.  "Santa Barbara is one of the top areas per capita for pure electric cars which is real exciting as well.  They don't even need gas."

Overall, California is the top state for the sale of hybrid vehicles.

Manufacturers now have 43 hybrid-electric vehicles, four plug-in hybrids, and 12 pure electric cars for consumers to choose from.

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