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Police Close Street and Return to Mallory Dies Fatal Crash Scene

Investigators go over specific details in high profile DUI case

SB Police Department Re-investigates Fatal Hit & Run Scene

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Police officers closed off a portion of a downtown Santa Barbara street today to go over specific details in a high profile fatal DUI case.

Sgt. Mike McGrew said it was necessary to review video images, and line up markers where specific elements of the crash site occurred.

Police cars were parked in specific areas of the street  to mark key locations.

There are also up to five different camera recordings from the night of the accident December 6, that are involved in the investigation.  They show the actual crash, and also the moments prior to the collision when suspect Raymond Morua allegedly drove his Dodge Caliber SUV down Anacapa St.

Police say Morua left a parking lot drunk, two blocks from the crash scene.

The tests and measurements today will help to determine where braking took place, and also the speed of his vehicle.   Sgt. McGrew says he believes Morua was substantially exceeding the posted speed limit of 25 miles per hour.

The evidence collected will be presented in court, if a trial takes place.

The videos were obtained in a cooperative agreement with local businesses that have outside security cameras.

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