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Pini cleared of burglary charge, but has to pay fine

Controversial arrest simmered down to an infraction

Dario Pini Vindicated

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Landlord Dario Pini has been cleared of a felony burglary charge,  but he will still pay a small fine, after a controversial arrest.

Pini admits he was on a Carrillo St. property in March where an old Victorian home was being demolished and removed.  He and his attorney Josh Lynn vigorously said nothing was taken and a burglary did not occur.

"No, there wasn't any intentions of taking anything," Pini said.  " I think Josh Lynn my attorney did an excellent job of explaining it was a simple misunderstanding. I am pleased the legal system worked."

Pini had a photograph of items he said were inspected as part of the case.  They included two pieces of used tubing, a small piece of plastic pipe, and a cable.

The Santa Barbara County District Attorney's office said, in a release, the items were construction scraps with a value below $50.

The final charge in front of Superior Court Judge Brian Hill, was Trespassing, an infraction with a $75. fine.

Pini said he never took anything and the only thing he was guilty of,  was "walking on someone's property."

The well known landlord has, at times been at odds with city officials over building code issues.

He says he is improving many of his properties including a hotel on State St. that will have a Mediterranean look.

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