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Pedego bikes charge up riders

New store in Santa Barbara offering bikes to rent or buy

Pedego Electric Bikes

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Bicycle riders may get a charge from the new Pedego electric bike shop on Haley near State St.

The store offers bikes for rent or to purchase.

Owner Bob Kaplan says Santa Barbara is the perfect city for an electric bike.  He offers commuter bikes, and special bikes for riding on both the sand and mountain trails in Santa Barbara.

"They all go 20 miles an hour for about 20 miles. That's if you don't peddle at all. With peddling you can go 50, 60 70 miles.  It's up to you how much exercise you want to get," said Kaplan.

He says electric bikes are catching on like electric cars.

Many similar bike shops are popping up in coastal communities throughout Southern California.

He rents the bikes for $20. an hour of $90. a day.

They sell from $2000. to $3000. each. 

Soon the company plans to have city tours using the electric bikes.

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