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Passengers Left Stranded in Santa Barbara After Plane Problem

Even sunny weather doesn't fix their mood

Stranded Passengers

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - About 100 passengers have finally flown off to Denver after a mechanical problem grounded their Frontier Airlines plane at the Santa Barbara Airport.

The problem began Thursday afternoon.

Passengers said, however, it took hours before they were given information on whether or not they would ever take off on the day they were scheduled.

"We found out at midnight, exactly at midnight that they were cancelling our flight after five delays. One at 6:30, 7:30,  8:30 and one at 9 and so on. A lot of really upset people," said passenger Amy Estrada.

She was going from Atascadero to Denver and on to Nashville.

Estrada and others had trouble getting answers about the delay.

Frontier Airlines said there was a mechanical issue that kept the plane from safety flying and the company went on to say, "passengers were provided hotel rooms overnight, and we've reprotected passengers on an extra flight today,
 or on other airlines yesterday and today when available."

A replacement part was scheduled to arrive today but some  passengers still had second thoughts.

"I mean would have been great to show up today to hear they brought a new airplane but that's not what's happening. They are trying to fix the one that broke yesterday and that's kind of frustrating," said Scott Easterling, of Goleta.

For another passenger it was costly in a different way, beyond just losing a vacation day.

"I missed two different jobs," said Natasia Amiri a Denver resident who formerly lived in Santa Barbara and had visited her family. "I was supposed to be home yesterday evening and we were here on standby with no communication and no clarification. Nothing."   She said until the restaurant closed at the airport, that was the gathering place for the passengers.

"I want them to pay for my flight. I mean this is the most inconvenience I have ever experienced, and I am in customer service," said Estrada. She too had been scheduled for work today and missed a shift, costing her about $300.

Instead of waiting for the next plane, a group took a Santa Barbara Airbus to Los Angeles where Frontier had a flight ready to finally take them to Denver.

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