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Parking lot problems test holiday spirits

Parking lot problems test holiday spirits

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A person's holiday spirit and patience can easily be tested during the holiday season. 

Loud honking and drivers trying to cut each other off happens often in parking lots and on the streets. 

At De la Guerra Plaza and streets surrounding Downtown Santa Barbara, the 15 and 75-minute parking spots are full of cars. If drivers aren't lucky, someone could cut them off or double park. 

Some drivers who parked in Downtown Santa Barbara say it took them more than 20 minutes to find a spot.

"It's crazy normally to park in Downtown Santa Barbara especially with the holidays and everybody in town. It makes it even more difficult," says Sam Kadi, a Santa Barbara resident. 

Others gave up and chose another option after circling the block. 

"All the parking spots are 75 or 90 minutes so I actually parked by the pier by the skate park. I'm just like well I'm walking. It's okay. It's not that bad here actually," said Tewa Kepulun, an Inland Empire resident. 

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