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Parents Speak Out About Isla Vista Mass Killings

More insights revealed from the May rampage

Isla Vista Shooting Parents Interview

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Parents are speaking out after the mass murders in Isla Vista in late May.  Their insights are in two network news interviews this week.

One will air on the ABC 20/20 show with Barbara Walters Friday night. She speaks with Peter Rodger, the father of Elliot Rodger who went on the rampage.  When it was over Rodger shot himself, according to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department, and six students were dead.  Another 13 were wounded.

Another interview has aired on CBS News.  It centers around the parents of Rodger's roommates.  Their sons were fatally stabbed, along with a friend,  prior to the shooting deaths on May 23rd.

The parents have become more outspoken in an effort to prevent further violence of this type across the country.

The ABC story can be found at :

The CBS story can be found at:

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