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Parents Help Students Heal from Isla Vista Mass Murders

Many have been in close contact since the fatal shootings and stabbings

Isla Vista Parents Mourn with Students

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Within minutes of the shooting and stabbing rampage by Elliot Rodger the word got out locally and around the world through phone calls and text messages.  Among those to receive them, the parents of UC Santa Barbara students who live in Isla Vista.

The moments of uncertainty must have been terrifying for parents.

Now they have to provide comfort and strength for their children as they go forward.

One parent said she drove in to be with her daughter.

"When everything happened we came right down and grabbed her and brought her back to Orange County. And having her back with family and and making the trip back up and spending time  with her today." said a parent, Cheri Little who lives about three hours away.

Many UC Santa Barbara students immediately made sure they spoke with their parents.

"I have talked to my parents they were very concerned the evening of the events," said student Brendan Morrow-Jones. "And the local law enforcement has done a good job of updated the community and by not getting caught up in the sensationalism it's possible to stay to the facts."

For graduating seniors, they want to have positive thoughts of their years at UCSB despite this dark moment."There's so many amazing memories of this school, UC Santa Barbara and Isla Vista and right now it's all about grieving  and the Gauchos will be strong and bounce back ," said student Melanie Supple.  She will walk in commencement ceremonies next month.

Support has also come in from graduates.

"I am sensing that a lot.  There's a lot of outreach in social media who are are alums and are coming back and showing their support," said Jones.

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