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Pacific Pickle Works Hoping for Tasty Fundraiser Finish

'Kickstarter' campaign ends Saturday

Pacific Pickle Works Hoping for Tasty Fundraiser Finish

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Pacific Pickle Works company is hoping a Kickstarter campaign will help generate funding to expand production and pay for a new kitchen that other start-up food makers can use.

Bradley Bennett says he began pickling for family and friends, but soon found there was room in the marketplace for his creations which are far beyond what you would normally think of when it's time to reach for the pickles.

"For us, pickles extends to pickled vegetables,  so we do pickled asparagus, green beans, beets, carrots, okra, cauliflower and specialty items," said Bennett. "Mostly  the thing the people like about our products is taste and texture.  Not only is it savory good,  it has a very natural crunch. We preserve the best quality vegetables by jarring them within 24 hours of being harvested."

The company's newest item is a Bloody Many Elixir featuring their homemade all natural Worcestershire sauce.

In the future planning, however, Pacific Pickle Works needs a new kitchen to produce, store and ship its product.  Like many small food companies, they are leasing space.

Bennett hopes the kitchen can also be used by other food makers who are producing specialty items.

The Kickstarter funding campaign underway encourages supporters to contribute money, and along the way they will be able to receive special shipments from Pacific Pickle works that include their food and promotional items.

To take part in the Kickstarter campaign you can log on to:

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