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Outer Aisle Gourmet expands into Rocky Mountain and Southwest Regions

Plant-based carb substitutes

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A homegrown food business in Santa Barbara is expanding across state lines, in eight states, from Utah to Louisiana.

"Our ultimate goal is to distribute nationwide," said Jeanne David, Founder and CEO of Outer Aisle Gourmet. "We just feel that it's such an important product for the health of our country."

David and her team are on a mission to recreate America's favorite foods with vegetable-based products. Order their pasta and you'll find it is actually zucchini; their rice is cauliflower.

David told NewsChannel 3 that people living with diabetes and those cutting sugar and carbs from their diets are the company's biggest client base.

"It's cauliflower and parmesean cheese, cottage cheese and egg. That's it," David said. "It's a bread substitute, so if you're looking to take bread and sugar out of your diet, which a lot of people making healthy moves for their diet are doing, this is a great replacement."

'Outer Aisle' refers to the healthier, outer vegetable aisles found in grocery stores.

Locally, you'll find Outer Aisle Gourmet products at Whole Foods, Lazy Acres, Gelsons and the Montecito Village Grocery Store. Customers can also order products online at

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